Meet the Artist

How Megan's Pinatas Came to Life

Megan's Pinatas opened in March 2016 and specializes in making unique custom pinatas.  As you may have guessed, my name is Megan - the pinata artist and owner here at Megan's Pinatas.  

I have been making pinatas for over 20 years.  As a child, my mom would always make us a pinata for our birthday parties.  I used to love choosing a theme for my pinata and marvel as I watched it take shape.  I have always loved art.  But paper mache is so exciting because I get to use my hands and build something beautiful out of pretty much nothing (i.e. old newspapers, flour and water).

Now I am married with four children of my own, and I continue the tradition with them.  Because what's a birthday with no pinata? It makes me so happy to watch the joy on their faces as they hit the pinatas and make memories with family and friends.  Nothing brings people closer together than beating something to smithereens, right? Hehe.

These little hooligans are my inspiration

Why Choose Megan's Pinatas

My pinatas are unique, in that I usually prefer to paint them rather than use tradtional crepe paper fringe.  I am an artist at heart, so painting is what I love.

I am committed to creating quality pinatas that can really take a beating (pun intended), so everyone gets a turn to join in on the fun.  To reinforce the hanging string, I wrap it all the way around the pinata and incorporate it into the paper mache to prevent the handle from tearing free under the weight of your goodies.

Our Benefits

High Quality Durable Pinatas

Our pinatas can really take a beating

Unique Custom Design Ideas

Handcrafted custom designs to suit any theme

Local Handmade Business

Get great designs while supporting a small business

We reuse materials

We help the environment by resusing newspapers and other recyclables in our designs